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Ba’al Smackdown: Followup

Two weeks ago, Stuart Shepard of Focus on the Family put out a light-hearted video urging McCain supporters to pray that there be a sudden burst of rain just as Obama came on stage for his outdoor acceptance speech.

I took him up on it, suggesting that we take the presence or absence of rain as a sign of divine political preference.

It was a beautiful, clear night in Denver.

That should be enough to settle the issue. But, just in case there were any lingering doubts, it looks like the higher power will unleash upon the Republican convention a torrential rain.

Case closed.

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3 Responses to “Ba’al Smackdown: Followup”

  1. Or, God’s answer was “no.”

  2. The Minnesota convention threatened by inclement weather is an *indoor* facility over a thousand miles from the rains and winds. If the Creator of the Universe is dabbling in American presidential politics the message here has to be troubling for the Republican base.

    There’s an old old punchline that fits pretty good here — “… and boy is She pissed!!”

  3. And now that it looks like New Orleans is going to be hit hard, the topic has become much less amusing.

    Good luck to those in the storm’s path. We’re all thinking of you.

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