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Spiralized numbers

New from Bestiario, the creators of the spectacular graphical user interface for [email protected], is this spiral visualization of data.

Since I cannot read road maps — I swear I have stood on street corners with a map in one hand and a freaking compass in the other and still gone the wrong way — I am the wrong person to evaluate the spiralizer. But it sure looks pretty

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  1. Not precisely on-topic, but there’s more of a knack to using a compass than you might think. Once in Central America, I saw where our Geology Ph.D. head of program had led a gang of macheteros and a string of pack mules through three complete circles in high-bush jungle, trying to follow a compass bearing.

    There’s a slight shift of perspective needed to use a compass effectively, and that doesn’t always come easily. (Use in political or socilogical metaphor is at the reader’s own risk).

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