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Suppose that you had a comedy sketch show that made fun of a particular vice presidential candidate particularly effectively. Suppose the person doing the imitations, as well as the staff in general, really really really (excuse me, rully, rully, rully) dislikes the VP candidate. Suppose they think of her as a demagogue. Suppose they felt obliged to honor the candidate’s request to be on the show, but didn’t want to let her use the show to gain sympathy. It’d be awkward.

Or, as they say: Live! From New York! It’s Saturdaaaay Night!

9 Responses to “Uncomfortable”

  1. Now suppose something even more impossible – media that wasn’t entirely in the tank for the Democrats.

    When will we see anything like the scrutiny that’s been applied to Palin going to Biden, who’s been as complicit in the financial collapse as anyone over the last 30 years? Can you say “fox guarding the henhouse”?

    Probably not, given the huge ideological blinders you wear.

  2. I think she took it well, although she must have known what was going to happen. I’m sure it was pre-screened with her, whether or not she had power to change it (which I doubt she did). The gags didn’t seem less barbed than usual.

    She needs scrutiny because we don’t know who she is (to paraphrase her question about Obama), Mr. Robertson. She has been in the media spotlight only since Labor Day Weekend and Obama has been scrutinized for at least 18 months. She has ethical issues, as determined by a bipartisan legislative committee in Alaska, and all she said was the report found no ethical problem when the opposite was true. She also did not report as income money paid for the state for travel for her husband and children who are not state employees. She knows nothing about foreign affairs, as evidenced by her non-answers in the Couric interview and the debate. That is just the start of her difficulties as a VP choice and tells us that Sen. McCain’s judgment is extremely, and dangerously, bad. I can’ imagine her as a President, or maybe I can, anbd that frightens me.

  3. James Robertson: can you say “Rupert Murdoch?” probably not since you seem to be choking on the corporatocracy stuff so many of us have swallowed over the last forty or fifty years.

    Just maybe this is the year when we can drive a stake through the still beating heart of Barry Goldwater, lay the John Birch zombies to rest, finally fold the tent on the monstrous side-show of the Nixon administration, write a factual history of grandpa Reagan’s accomplishments and their impact on today’s financial catastrophes, and best of all send the pack of criminals now in office scurrying for their offshore havens while indictments are handed down for the whole lot of them.

    Maybe, just maybe, voiced reportage will emerge as an acceptable convention rather than contravention of traditional principles of unbiased journalism.

    With the Republican sponsored public investment in the financial sector as a starter, I’m thinking we may soon usher in an era of “social democracy.” That would be a good thing.

  4. Fox news is fairly centrist – it just seems to tilt right for people who think Olbermann is a reasonable person.

  5. Yes, Fox News being a manipulative bunch of corporate, right-wing shills is just a figment of the imaginations of the reality-based community with their socialist preoccupation with facts and evidence. They ask all these horrible gotcha questions like “which newspapers do you read?” Those bastards! They really are destroying America!

  6. Tom,

    I haven’t read a physical newspaper on a regular basis in years – if you follow the current trends in readership, perhaps you would understand that “what newspaper do you read” could easily lead to no answer from anyone under 50.

  7. That you haven’t read a newspaper on paper is one thing, but that a VP candidate who doe not read a paper, is appalling. I would count reading a newspaper online as reading a newspaper, but she didn’t even say that. Is she someone you want as President? Even many conservatives feel she is unqualified.

  8. Whether Fox counts as “fairly centrist” depends on the scale one is using. But it doesn’t matter. Your point was about media being “in the tank” for Obama, and there is no gainsaying that Fox is an example of an important media outlet that is in the tank for McCain. Do you really want to argue about that, James?

  9. There is so much overwhelming evidence that Fox News is not only in the tank for McCain but also a media outlet for the Bush administration that one can only assume that either a) you’ve found it but chosen not to believe it, or b) your internet connection is broken. Since you seem to be commenting here successfully, b is probably not accurate.

    So it begs the question – what evidence would convince you that this is in fact the case?

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