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October 23, 2008

Where Puzzle Quest saves games on the Mac

I recently had to reinstall Puzzle Quest on my Mac, and it took me way longer than it should to find where it stashes saved games. So, to save you the trouble:

Puzzle Quest in porting from Windows seems to have taken the shortcut of replicating on the Mac the Windows folder structure. So, you’ll find the saved games here:

/Users/{your_username}/Library/Preferences/Puzzle Quest Preferences/p_drive/My Documents/Puzzle Quest/Saves

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Twittering for fair elections

Volunteer programmers, designers and activists across the country will coordinate in online chat rooms and at real-world coding parties on Friday to build Twitter Vote Report, a groundbreaking web election monitoring system to fight voter suppression and disruption efforts. Anyone with a account will be able to use their cell phones or computers to send a message notifying voters, election monitors, and the media of problems around the country. A web map will display incidents in real-time.

For more info about how you can help, here. And if you want to help out on Friday’s code jam, go here. [Tags: ]

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October 22, 2008

FreeCulture and Open Universities

From the FreeCulture movement has emerged the Open University Campaign based on the new Wheeler Declaration:

An open university is one in which

1. The research the university produces is open access.
2. The course materials are open educational resources.
3. The university embraces free software and open standards.
4. If the university holds patents, it readily licenses them for free software, essential medicines, and the public good.
5. The university network reflects the open nature of the internet.

where “university” includes all parts of the community: students, faculty, administration.

As we used to say: Right on.

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October 21, 2008

Obama’s grandmother is younger than McCain’s mother

85 versus 95. And we all wish them both well.

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New issue of my (free) newsletter: JOHO, Oct 18, 2008


Exiting info:
As we exit the Information Age, we can begin to see how our idea of information has shaped our view of who we are.

The future from
What a 1978 anthology predicts about the future of the computer tells us a lot about the remarkable turn matters have taken.

A software idea: Text from audio: Anyone care to write software that would make it much easier to edit spoken audio?

Bogus Contest: Name that software!

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Last Thursday, I had a discussion with Charlie Nesson and Aaron Shaw at the Berkman Center about the first article in this issue. You can see some clips of the conversation here:

2 [Note: In this I misspeak and say info is noise; I meant to say that noise is info. I just noticed my error. Oops.]


Stop me before I spam more

I just received about 100 bounced messages indicating that I have apparently spammed much of the world with a message in which I state I am a lonely Russian woman who just can’t wait to meet you.

This isn’t the first time my email address has been abused this way. Is there anything I can do about it?

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Why, I remember Obama when he was a young lad of 43

I was thumbing through some photos a couple of days ago and came across IMG0127.jpg, which turned out to be a photo I took at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. I was there as one of the 30 or so bloggers who had been given credentials. The DNC did it up right for us, including a breakfast meeting, in front of which they trotted dignitaries, including Howard Dean and the skinny, promising Senator-to-be. All I remember was that he was shy, charming, and seemed as unsure as we were of what to make of a room full of bloggers with press credentials, all being recorded by mainstream journalists who had been confined behind a railing at the back of the room.

Obama addressing bloggers at 2004 DNC
(Click for larger version)

Meanwhile, my friend Tim Hiltabiddle has posted at Facebook a gallery of beautiful photos he took of Obama in New Hampshire last week. Gorgeous.

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October 20, 2008

Powell makes the case

This 6.5 min video from DailyKos edits together Colin Powell’s argument in favor of Obama with brief supporting clips from the McCain campaign:

Send it to the fence-sitter in your family. (Here’s a link straight to the video. Ans Mike Wendell, in the comments, recommends this one, without the intercuts.)

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What Obama thinks about the issues

Click on an issue listed at Ask Obama Now and you’ll see a video clip of Obama addressing it, along with a build of bullet points on the side – useful if you’re not sure where he stands on the issues that matter to you.

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Audio text editor update, or postdate, or something

In July, I blogged an idea for a system that would make it much easier to do quick an dirty edits of podcasts. The basic idea was that the software would convert the speech to text and then let you edit the text, using the revised text (with hidden time-codes) to cut and paste the original recording. I thought it was a good idea.

So did Ryan Shaw and Dan Perkel … three years ago. I just got an email from Ryan (responding to my talking about this idea in the issue of my newsletter I just sent out) saying that he and Dan put together a prototype for a class at Berkeley. He points us to a brief description, some slides, and a prototype that he says is “probably broken.” The description describes a different, and interesting, facet of the project, but, Ryan writes in his email, “Edits to a transcription text in a browser-based editor were translated into edits to an underlying audio SMIL file, playable in RealPlayer.”

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