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Obama in the West Wing

Watching the YouTube of Obama’s weekly talk, in which he promises a huge stimulus package focused on rebuilding our schools, fixing our infrastructure, and investing in alternative energies, I had a sense of emotional deja vu … I had had that feeling before. It’s just so rational and obvious that we should invest in those three areas, since they all build a sustainable economic future. I knew I’d heard some president say things as straightforwardly right as that.

Yep, I was having a Jed Bartlett moment. And many more to come, I hope.

2 Responses to “Obama in the West Wing”

  1. So where is this money coming from, considering he promised to cut the deficit too it will be interesting to see what the answer is. Not saying it isn’t out there just wondering.

  2. again
    if only he would have understood that delegating foreign policy was not an option this time

    if only

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