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Day 2 of the Obama Years

Even if Justice Roberts hadn’t flubbed the oath, I’d still count this as Day 2. The Inaugural day doesn’t count, does it?

So, how’s it going so far? I’d say pretty damn well.

When Hillary Clinton arrives at the State Department she tells the workers that she loves nothing better than a good debate. They cheer, and you realize that on top of everything else, George Bush totally sucked as a manager.

In case there was any doubt about this, I have friends in the Justice Department who have been demoralized for years. Now they’re eager to get to work.

Hillary cheered at State. Holbrooke heading out to Afghanistan and Pakistan. An unabashed preference for science. Closing Gitmo. Planning with the military the withdrawal from Iraq. Making open access to information the default, not the outcome of a lawsuit. Limiting the implicit corruption of the revolving door. The Internet to be kept open.

Obama is making it look easy. As easy as saying, “Yes, waterboarding is torture.”

My daydream: George W. Bush is in in his new home, sitting in his penny loafers, drinking a cup of coffee and reading the morning paper’s articles about Obama’s first day. “So that’s how you do it,” he thinks. “So that’s what a president does.”

What’s the opposite of disappointment?

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  1. hmmm… any word on Israel-Gaza yet?

  2. appointment

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  4. And what papers would those be, that GWB is reading at his breakfast table? Why would he start reading the papers now?

  5. Delight?

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