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Spot the difference!

Can you spot the most important difference?

Here’s a well-known photo of the original, extant Kindle:

Kindle 1 - Bezos holding it on cover of Newsweek

Here’s a photo from MobileRead that purports to be of the soon-to-be-announced Kindle 2.

Kindle 2

If you said that the Kindle 2 can be held without inadvertently pressing buttons, you win!!!

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4 Responses to “Spot the difference!”

  1. And hooray for that. I sold my first Kindle at a $200 profit because I hated those buttons. Went back to my (otherwise inferior) Sony Reader. But a week ago I ordered a Kindle 2.0 on the assumption they’ve solved the button problem.

  2. It’s never been such a big deal for me. I’m interested to see what kind of actual feature differences there are. But I have a hard time believing there’s anything important enough to make me upgrade.

    Love the Kindle. Kindle 2.0? Sounds good.

  3. Whats the screen like for reading in bright sunlight on a beach?

  4. It’s great in bright sunlight. It has no backlight and no LEDs, so you need ambient light to read it at all. The brighter the better.

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