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Wikipedia art project

Scott Kildall has posted to a public mailing list a very useful compendium of links about an attempt to create a work of art as a Wikipedia article. I have not seen the Wikpedia page and it’s been deleted but the Talk page is there. (And from the Talk page, it sounds to me like the deletion was appropriate.)

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3 Responses to “Wikipedia art project”

  1. Wasn’t Kildall the the last name of the inventor of CP/M (first name Gary, I believe). Is Scott related?

    The apocryphal story being that when IBM came calling looking for an operating system for their new “personal computer” he was too busy flying his airplane to meet with them. They were forced to see a kid named Gates for it instead. It is probably not true and I likely have even mixed up the apocryphal part!

  2. Yes, Gary Kildall is my father. The infamous IBM “flying story” never really happened! (this is where Gary supposedly missed a critical IBM business meeting because he was flying his plane instead)

    The Wikipedia entry seems pretty accurate on that count. Remember, Gary’s role in Digital Research was not in primary negotiations, but rather in the technical development.

    While he was flying his plane that day, it was never planned for him to be in the initial negotiations with IBM. Rather, this was left to Dorothy McEwen and her the business development team at DRI.

    I know this myth was one that Gary could never shake. I was an adolescent at the time and perhaps this led to an firsthand understanding of how histories easily can get misconstructed.

  3. It is a pleasure to hear from the son of the inventor of my first operating system, and a dominant one for years! Thank you so much for the information.

    The wrong story is interesting and does show how a tale can become widely spread when it has a ring of truth and especially if it appeals to our sense of independence and disregard for authority and material goods.

    Thanks to your father again for a great operating system.

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