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MIT Museum crowd-sources exhibition

MIT will be 150 years old in two years. So, the MIT Museum (where you can see Judith Donath’s arresting and provocative info-overwhelm installation, which opened last night) is asking the public to nominate objects to put on display. The nominations themselves will remain online forever after as a very different sort of permanent display.

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11 Responses to “MIT Museum crowd-sources exhibition”

  1. I nominated Oliver Smoot.

  2. Addendum:
    and the smoot.

  3. And Matt Damon, who, by the way, is 5/8 of a smoot.

  4. Me and Dan were thinking of organizing a Berkman field trip to the museum at some point in March. Did you make it to the opening reception?

  5. I did make it to the opening. Excellent!

  6. Nice!

  7. testing the email notification. please ignore. thx.

  8. retesting the notifier. continue to ignore.

  9. “retesting the notifier. continue to ignore.”
    Somehow this reminds me of “Who’s going to investigate the man who investigates the man who investigates me.”

  10. Dear Andy Weinberger (Yes, I am related):

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    The Management

  11. Gee whiz, I laughed, but quietly, so the TR,EC wouldn’t hear me.

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