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Tassajara recovered

Ah, the Web!

I used to make bread every week. When I went to make it again, I discovered that my old index card for Tassajara bread was illegible with age. Ten second later, I found it on the Web.

The good thing about Tassajara is that it basically never fails. You can vary the ingredients pretty much as you want, throwing in oats, wheat germ, rye flower, iron filings and small pebbles, and the stuff will still rise, cook and be pretty much delicious. And magnetic. (Hint: Add some dental floss and you don’t have to clean your teeth afterwards.)

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2 Responses to “Tassajara recovered”

  1. Howdy there.. i found this blog so unique for a “celebrity” blog. quite funny colours i guess..

  2. Now that brings back memories!

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