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David Blaine Card Magic

It worked on me. My question/speculation is in the first comment…
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  1. [POSSIBLE SPOILER] Is it just that sub-second delay on that particular card causes some higher percentage of the population to choose it?

  2. I’d say it’s the only one you can see the suit of
    and is the last one you see

  3. [spoiler]

    did you notice how he was holding the wild card and the card we “chose” ?

    and the one I saw first was a king of hearts

  4. I agree with Gianluca and David, as there appears to be a delay (and I did pick the card Blaine wanted me to).

    I saw Bill Malone at the NY Auto Show at the Ford display. He was a foot or two away and did amazing tricks (I like magic) with no detectable maneuvers, even though he obviously did manipulate the deck. I’m familiar with a few of the basic techniques and even did them quite badly 20-30 years ago and still saw nothing. His Youtube pieces are excellent and amazing, including Scarne’s Aces.

  5. Bill Malone’s Scarne’s Aces, as per Andy’s suggestion:

  6. And the first post here is Scarne telling hist story. Good tale:

  7. I suspect the repetition might aid in making people more likely to pick the card he wants. The first time through I spotted what I believed to be a 7 of Diamonds, but as I wasn’t sure I felt like I was doing it wrong somehow. The second time through I was on the 8 of what i believed was spades, but again I couldn’t be sure and then I saw the 4 of hearts very clearly towards the end, which caused me to pick it. So yes, the slight increase of time is the decisive factor but to some extent I suspect the effect may be aided by the fact that you can almost-see other cards so there is less of a feeling that you are being tricked than if you can only make out one at all.

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