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Vegetarian whine

A fancy restaurant that assures a diner that it can take care of vegetarians and then serves a plate of side-dish vegetables as the main course:

1. Has an incompetent chef.
2. Ought to be ashamed of its lack of imagination.
3. Is as embarrassingly ignorant about vegetarianism as they would be if they reassured a diabetic that they don’t cook with diabetes.
4. Is doing the equivalent of serving a grilled cheese sandwich or a plate of Ritz crackers and peanut butter, except that either of those would be preferable.

Note that this is not a multiple choice question.

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3 Responses to “Vegetarian whine”

  1. I was in the South of France once, in Bayonne, I think – travelling with my girlfriend, who was a vegetarian. She’d gotten sick of omlettes & pizza in Spain, so we asked our hotelier if there were any restaurants in town that would cater for vegetarians.

    He thought for a bit, and then picked up the phone and called his brother in law, who ran a restaurant a couple of hundred yards away. They had a brief chit-chat, and he sent us along, assured of good veggie food.

    I had an absolute feast, deep-fried camembert, astounding croquettes, venison for my main.

    My girlfriend got a plate of pasta slathered in blue-cheese sauce, and a look of absolute pride from the chef. Not a vegetable in sight.

    Some countries just don’t get vegetarians, I guess.

  2. How about a restaurant who assures it offers vegetarian options that turn out to all be seafood?

    My husband and I just don’t dine out much anymore. I can make a veggie burger and salad at home that tastes just as good as what I can get in a restaurant.

  3. They treat us badly because they know we don’t have the strength to fight back.

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