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Gay marriage becomes ho-hum

“New Hampshire OKs gay marriage” was the fourth item on the NPR news broadcast this morning. Which is itself great news. Legalizing gay marriage becoming ho-hum is an important step toward it becoming inevitable.

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3 Responses to “Gay marriage becomes ho-hum”

  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a sidestep around this controversy that would give all of the legal benefits of marriage to anyone who wants them, while at the same time letting the people freaked out by the term “gay marriage” have a meaningless bone… and I think it solves other problems as well:

    — have the government rename what it recognizes to “civil unions” (or some equally noncommital legal term
    — have the government say that they are solely in the contract business, not in the sanctity business
    — hand the word “marriage” back to religious organizations

    That way, any disputes over whether you can or can’t get the word “marriage” associated with your union become private issues with your specific faith, not public ones involving lots of spittle (on all sides). The govt recognizes the union for legal purposes, and just leaves anything else to you.

  2. James, it was bound to happen sometime. You and I are in agreement!

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