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Intimacy defined

As Cluetrain’s 10th Anniversary Edition launches, it seems appropriate to note that today I received a notice that the Australian Central Credit Union is now using Consona customer relationship management solutions to overcome its fear of intimacy:

Today, member intimacy is now a core component of ACCU’s competitive advantage, and the Consona CRM solution allows ACCU to:

  • View members’ holdings and interactions across all channels of the organization at a glance;

  • Easily locate or compose customized documents and correspondence in order to respond to an enquiry or provide customer guidance;

  • Reduce and streamline manual and semi-manual work processes, enhancing productivity and providing a more effective audit trail functionality; and

  • Expand its business strategy to adopt an integrated advice model and link members to personalized products and services.

By the way, tonight Doc and I are going to be interviewed by Jonathan Zittrain about Cluetrain. You’re invited: 6pm, Austin Hall. [Tags: ]

4 Responses to “Intimacy defined”

  1. Sorry for potential ignorance, but I don’t get the relation of Consona customer relationship management to Cluetrain?

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  3. Mirek, I’m using “cluetrain” as shorthand for the opposite of the sort of pompous, meaningless language used in this press release. (I also seem not to have indicated that most of this post is a quote from that press release. I’ll fix that.)

  4. I see … In fact the language of these press release was so far from the spirit of ClueTrain, that I had to ask my question :-) It is amazing – 10 years after there is still a lot of such mumbling…

    “We toppled the system, but we still cary its genes”

    I hope today’s event with ClueTrain will be great.
    Hope to keep myself awake till midnight to watch it.

    Good luck & greetings to Doc and other authors if they show up.

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