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Isenberg on the WSJ on Iran on Nokia

David Isenberg questions the veracity of the Wall Street Journal’s report about Iran using Nokia equipment to do deep packet inspection. Interesting on its own and also as yet another example of smart bloggers raising journalism’s bar.

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One Response to “Isenberg on the WSJ on Iran on Nokia”

  1. There is no doubt Iran is doing it, and also there is little doubt western telecom equipment producers are helping these regimes in these practices…

    The beauty of Internet is, that whatever they do, they will not be able to muffle it up completely.

    Regimes in Eastern Europe, about 30 years ago used sophisticated radio jamming to block US sponsored “Radio Free Europe” – to no avail.
    We always knew where to turn knobs of our radios to listen to free voice.

    So no matter who helps the regime in Iran, people in Iran will find their way around….

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