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  1. Google vs. Yahoo (first link) is interesting. I queried for “email” and here is what I got back.

    Google returned (in this order):
    1) gmail
    2) hotmail
    3) yahoo mail

    Yahoo returned (in this order):
    1) yahoo mail
    2) gmal
    3) hotmail

    I also queried bing, and Bing returned (in this order):
    1) Yahoo mail
    2) gmail
    6) hotmail

    So both yahoo and google gave their own email service a higher ranking, but bing (Microsoft) gave their own email service (hotmail) a much lower ranking compared to other guys.

    Why is that?

    Regardless, I would have expected the wikipedia entry on “email” to be the first link on all search engines. Yahoo and Google showed the wikipedia on the first page, but Bing didn’t. Instead, Bing had entry on email.

    Interesting stuff.

  2. I would also add Hakia 2 Google, Yahoo, MSN comparisons:

    Hakia seems to be truly semantic search engine.

  3. Saqib, interesting!

    I wouldn’t expect the Wikipedia entry on email to be the first listing because I doubt that that page is highly linked to. Given that Google and Yahoo rank pages based upon complex algorithms that look at the number of incoming links and the “weight” of those links (and a whole lot more that they don’t tell us about), I’d expect the popular email services to show up high in their rankings. The fact that each finds that its own service is #1 is surprising.

    BTW, the yahoo v. google page thinks that Google’s top result doesn’t show up in Yahoo’s top 100 because of a difference in the URLs for gmail.

  4. thx

  5. Saqib,

    Try the link I provided (to hakia). It shows what you expected – first is Wikipedia entry, then the word definition from Webopedia, then directories of free email services on the net.

    If that is what “semantic ranking” is – I must say – I like it.

    BTW, I’m not associated to Hakia, nor make ad compaing for them :-)

    I’m just semantic web crazy fan :-)

  6. Mirek,

    I tried hakia. However, I will need to read more about how it works. But from the first look, the results page seemed too busy and too crowded. I couldn’t easily distinguish between sponsored links and other categories. They need to clean-up the result page to make it more compelling.

    In the meantime, I will probably use for semantic searching[1].


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