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The lion sleeps

Senator Ted Kennedy always stood with the poor, the weak, those who need defense, and those who need a hand. He was the embodiment of what it means to be a liberal and of one important reason that we have governments at all.

You can tell me tomorrow about how flawed he was as a man, so long as tomorrow you also take up the work of his life.

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Later that day: Here’s Joe Biden’s moving reflections. They start about 2.5 minutes in. As Biden says, with Ted, it was never about Ted.

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2 Responses to “The lion sleeps”

  1. I know him two ways. First, as a lifelong champion of the working class, the powerless and the unfortunate. And second, as someone whom the far-right liked to demonize regularly, often referring to the “Chappaquiddick incident” and insinuating that he was a terrible person or even a murderer.

  2. Well-put! I agree.

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