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Google Books metadata: Google responds

There’s a terrific colloquy between Google and Geoff Nunberg in response to Geoff’s critique of Google’s handling of the metadata attached to the books Google is digitizing (which I blogged about here). It’s fascinating for its content, but also very cool as a conversation between a company and its market. Of course, it would have been even better if Google had initiated this conversation when it started its digitization project.

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2 Responses to “Google Books metadata: Google responds”

  1. This is indeed excellent dialog. Honest and open.
    See the admission: “Google has been playing its catalogue cards a little close to its chest”.
    As I pointed it out in one of my previous comments – for me, all Google cards of metadata, rich data and semantic web are “too close to their chest” and we rarely know what’s going on there.

    I wish there was another open and honest explication of Google position and future plans for these more general aspects of metadata….

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