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Order of Magnitude Puzzle: Bees per gallon

You win an Order of Magnitude puzzle if your answer is within an order of magnitude of the right answer. On the other hand, you don’t actually win anything. So, here goes:

How many bees do you think are in a pound? (And isn’t the answer none if they’re all flying?)

How many bees per gallon?

The answer is in the comments. (Note: This is not a computation WolframAlpha can help you with.)

3 Responses to “Order of Magnitude Puzzle: Bees per gallon”

  1. ANSWER: According to the source noted in the post, there are about 3,500 bees in a pound, and about 10,500 bees per gallon.

  2. I think I could squish a couple thousand more into the jar if they would just calm down.

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