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Gmail now crashing two browsers

Wow. I’m impressed. For the past few days, Gmail has been hanging when I try to attach a file. It doesn’t matter what type of file it is or how big it is. More times than not, it hangs. The hang happens as soon as Gmail shows the bar that displays the percent loaded. I have to force-quit. This is with the latest version of FF and of Snow Leopard. (I use Gmail as part of Google Accounts, and I have https turned on.)

I assumed this was a Firefox problem. I created a new profile and slowly added my add-ons back in. Eventually, the problem returned. Removing the add-ons I’d added did not take care of the problem.

So, I switched to Opera. Nice browser. But I just had exactly the same problem. No add-ons. No Firefox. Same problem. Yes, I have run Disk Utility to repair permissions.

Further, Safari so far has always been able to attach the very same files using Gmail. In fact, when FF or Opera have failed, they leave a draft of the message. I’ve opened up that very same draft in Gmail on Safari and have successfully attached the very same attachment.

I am, shall we say, puzzled.

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13 Responses to “Gmail now crashing two browsers”

  1. I believe the uploader actually uses Flash. What version of that are you running, is there an update available?

  2. Ooh, nice call! Unfortunately, I checked my version of Flash and it’s, which is the latest. I’m reinstalling it anyway.

    I wonder if the “32” in the version means it’s 32-bit…

  3. Start using

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  5. It is possible to turn off the fancy “progress/multiple files” uploader – it is in the gmail settings. This might be a workaround until or if you can’t find a problem in flash.

  6. Some of our customers reported the same problem with Google Chrome, but was able to use attachments with Firefox.

    Google Apps Support Service

  7. You’re on a Mac, yes?

    I unse a third-party Gmail app called Mailplane and have had no troubles. It also supplies a number of productivity improvements (multiple accounts, photo attachments, etc) that I have come to relish.

  8. Thanks, Howard. I’m downloading it now.

    I’ve also turned off the Flash-based indicator bars. Maybe that’ll fix the cross-browser problem I’ve been having.

  9. Howard, I’ve been using mailplane for a few days now, but I’m not understanding what benefits it brings me, other than being a dedicated browser window. Am I missing something?

    Also, gmail is crashing it, Firefox, and Opera, even with the Flash uploader bars turned off and with the latest version of Flash installed :(

  10. The chief benefit is easy switching between different accounts, which I do regularly. There is a plugin that lets you set Mailplane as default mail app, for iPhoto for example.

    You can also drag-and-drop photos or files onto an open mail window for attachments. Mailplane likewise behaves more like an email client when you click a mail-to link in email, opening a Gmail reply unlike web-based version. The toolbar also looks and acts more like a regular mail client rather than a browser window, and is customizable.

    However, none of this means a thing until we can figure out your gremlin …

  11. You’re not alone! I’ve been having the same issue all day today, whether it’s Excel or Word files. Running with the same updates you are, and trying to use gmail through Firefox. Glad I found your thread, it saved me some time trying fixes. Weird, since I’ve never had an issue before.

  12. I’ve been having this problem at work for a couple weeks. Under ‘settings’->’browser connection’ I changed it to always use https, and it _seems_ to have fixed the problem. Keeping my fingers crossed it will continue to work. I’m using Safari 4.03 on Snow Leopard.



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