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Call-in on Web Exceptionalism

I’m going to be on a call-in webcasty thing tomorrow (Thursday) as part of the Supernova series. You can see it here or call (347) 945-6578. It starts at 1pm EDT (Boston) time.

The topic is: Is the Web really exceptional? Or is it Yet Another Communications Medium? Or something else?

I’m probably going to say that it’s exceptional – that is, unique – in some important ways:. It’s hard to find another medium that works well at virtually every scale. It’s hard to find another medium that lowers the hurdle to global communication so far (although posting something that’s accessible to the world hardly means that the world will access it). And hyperlinks are unique and important.

Of course, it’s not clear what the consequences are of those exceptional characteristics.

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  2. […] it here or call (347) 945-6578. It starts at 1pm EDT (Boston) time View example place here:  Joho the Blog » Call-in on Web Exceptionalism Posted in Uncategorized | Tags: another, cbs, central, communications, edt, key-moment, […]

  3. … and there was no other medium or system so simple in concept and principles that brought such exuberance of form, content and communication.

    For me, the exceptionality of Web lies exactly in that “genericness” of its simple principles that proved to be so prolific.

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