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Interview with Blair Levin kicks off new FCC series

I’ve started a series of interviews with FCC folks and others about the progress of the Broadband Strategy initiative. The site is The first interview is with Blair Levin, who’s in charge of the efforts.

The site is in beta, and I screwed up a few things about the video: I sat too close to the camera, etc. But, I’m in beta, too.

The project came about because I volunteered to do whatever I could to help the Broadband Strategy initiative move forward. I’d met Blair at a get-together. He suggested that I do this series and promised access to his team. He also agreed that this series is completely independent (except, of course, for the fact that it depends on access!) and that I have complete editorial control. I got the Supernova conference to agree to pick up some of the production costs, all of which go directly to Sean Fitzroy, the producer of it.

Most of the interviews will go up unedited. I reserve the right to edit, but will not edit out material because it’s controversial. I may well want to edit out some questions that go nowhere, or stumbles that require a re-do of some sort. In the Blair Levin interview, the only edit (besides the splicing together of my camera’s output with the FCC’s, of course) was to move a joke Blair told at the end to the section to which it referred.

All of the videos are in the public domain (CC0), so you don’t have to ask permission to reuse them, mash them up, etc.

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