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Ask your senator to add midwifery to Medicaid

Now, as health care reform is being debated, would be an excellent time to ask your friendly local Senators to support adding Certified Public Midwifery to the list of healthcare providers who can receive Medicaid funds.

CPM’s are trained professionals. They are not nurse midwives and thus send women into the “regular” health care system when the women are at risk in any way. But, if you are pregnant, not at risk, and want a home birth, a CPM is the person to call. CPMs are hugely dedicated women who work long hours for little pay because they love healthy women and their healthy babies [1 2 3 4]. I say this as a proud parent of a CPM.

You can find your Senator’s email address here.

6 Responses to “Ask your senator to add midwifery to Medicaid”

  1. yes!

  2. Once you accept government in control into your health care plan, accept that your choices in the type of care is extremely limited. Politicians will decide for you, so be careful what care you wish, because once they decide, your voice is a background at most.

  3. But health care now is NOT controlled by government, it is controlled by the insurance industry (mostly profit-making groups). The insurance companies are the institutions that deny people CT scans, MRIs, medications, etc (that is, they deny payment for them-you can still do them at your own expense). At this time, it is far easier for me as a physician (and now as a Medicare insured patient too), to get a CT or MRI for my Medicare patients than for my commercially insured patients. All I have to do is write the prescription. For insurance companies, I have to beg.

  4. Thanks, Dad!

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