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Google’s data liberation front

I do like the fact that Google has a “Google Data Liberation Front.” Their mission: “Users should be able to control the data they store in any of Google’s products. Our team’s goal is to make it easier to move data in and out.” Google announced another positive step in this direction for Google Docs. All this is good, and even if it’s over-marketing Google’s openness, it’s the right value to be marketing.

Still, I wish it were easy to download a backup of my gmail.

LATER that day: Meanwhile, Microsoft is opening up its PST mailbox format.

7 Responses to “Google’s data liberation front”

  1. My 53 files on Google Docs (docs, spreadsheets, and PDFs) were exported, zipped (~11MB zip file), and downloaded in about a minute… and from my disk they are automatically backed-up on Mozy (back… up… in another cloud).

    I love Google Docs… and now wait (same as David) for the easy download/backup of my Gmail.

  2. For Windows and Linux Gmail Backup works well:

  3. Or you can just use Thunderbird (or most other email clients) to grab the archives via IMAP.

  4. This was certainly a good step for Google to allow for DLF (this Data Lib… Fro…). The initiative looks as some little thing, but it actually addresses the most important objection against Google we have.

    It was for that objections why I and we, as business, did not jump on Google apps’ wagon (we use Docs only sporadically).

    Now, Google is big enough and DLF is tiny enough, that it does not mean too much yet. But it is a good step, and if Google walks this way, and makes the policies its own – well – my may start like Google again :-)

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