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Taking sides with Droid: Hippies vs. Geeks

I’m finding the cultural politics of Droid‘s marketing to be fascinating.

Droid is Motorola’s competitor to the iPhone, based on Google’s open source Android operating system. Of course it’s marketing itself head-to-head against the iPhone. Verizon’s “iDon’t” ad was totally in iPhone’s face: iPhone doesn’t do x, y, and z, but Droid does.

But Droid isn’t just going against iPhone’s features. It’s drawing a cultural line. Apple is for hippies, it’s saying. Droid is for power geeks.

For example, at Verizon’s “Droid Does” page, if you click on “Open Development,” the message is:

Droid doesn’t judge app makers. We don’t care about their politics, their lifestyles or their attitude. If they make a great app, we will share it. That’s how we have over 10,000 apps in Android Marketâ„¢. Simple, isn’t it?

This is cross-over geek and business trash talk.

At “Hardcore,” the text is:

This is no granola crunching, flower child phone. It’s more powerful than you need and faster than you can handle. Basically, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted. And it’s ready to do your bidding. What shall you have it do first.

Weird anti-hippie, geek power lord, high-performance sports car, S&M vibe.

“Power” continues the sports car trope:

Look under the hood of this machine if you dare. There’s a fast CortextA8 processor, 16gb of memory expandable to 32gb and a WVGA 854×480 screen. Now step back. It’s revving up.

Out of my way, hippie!

And perhaps: Out of my way, girls! The Droid marketing is hitting a lot of (traditionally) male notes.

The cultural alignment will be fascinating to watch.

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7 Responses to “Taking sides with Droid: Hippies vs. Geeks”

  1. Out of my way, hippie!

    And perhaps: Out of my way, girls! The Droid marketing is hitting a lot of (traditionally) male notes.

    The cultural alignment will be fascinating to watch.

  2. I am a cell phone “refusenik”… that’s how far I am from this debate… but still – a 854×480 screen has the potential to pick up even some “babes” for the ride…

  3. I’m impressed by the specs of Droid, but I have serious doubts as to whether it can deliver the same caliber experience that iPhone does. There are too many cooks in that kitchen.

    I’m sure it’ll do well for itself, but I doubt whether it’ll dent the upward rise of the iPhone.

  4. Most of the iPhone people I know are anything but “hippies.” (Do people still know what “hippies” are anymore?)

    If trashing them is Motorola’s idea of marketing, well, even I know it’s rarely a good idea to insult potential customers!

  5. Dennis,

    I watched Motorola’s marketing for Droid. I don’t think
    there is even slightest grain of insult toward any group of customers.

    The apparent tone of “trashing” is more because of quite strange Apple’s iPhone policies (take AppStore as example). Anything showing more openness is clearly much different, maybe straight “in face”, but that’s just a delusion – I do find nothing more in it.

  6. I admit I am at a disadvantage since I watch so little TV. Reading about TV commercials I admit may lead to inaccurate perceptions!

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