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Trippi: The New Them

Joe Trippi has an important post about to understand the upcoming election results: The electorate’s Us vs. Them has changed from Our Party vs. Their Party to The Electorate vs. Anyone in Power:

Voters are increasingly seeing themselves as “us” and both parties in Washington as “them.” They are not going to discriminate between the two parties in 2010. The results next Tuesday will likely demonstrate the voter’s frustration with those in power, regardless of party. Far from signaling a backlash against Democratic rule and hope for the Republican Party, the results on Tuesday will signal that in 2010 incumbents in both parties, of all ideological stripes should be frightened.

One Response to “Trippi: The New Them”

  1. Trippi’s just trying to play down the VA-NJ-NY23-as-anti-Dem-bellweather meme. It’s transparent though. Trippi’s just too financially and professionally vested in the results of this to be objective.

    In America, electoral power is a zero sum game between two parties. The reason these parties have been around for so long is their ability to coopt anti-power rhetoric. So an anti-power swing isn’t going to take out all incumbents.

    Most Americans have an inkling that party is more important than incumbency. The Dems are more “us” than the Republicans right now, Glenn Beck’s 2-million-strong audience notwithstanding.

    Also, if Americans were truly gung-ho against “anybody in power,” I don’t see why they would restrict their ire to electoral action. We would aim for Wall St. In fact, Corzine’s Goldman Sachs tenure might be more telling than his nominal affiliation with Democrats. Ultimately, I think pointing to local variations like that is the best way to dilute the meme Trippi’s hoping to undermine.

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