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Order of Magnitude Quiz: How many travelers

According to the Boston Globe, how many travelers fly in or out of Boston’s Logan Airport every year?

You win this quiz (and get exactly nothing as a prize) if your answer is within an order of magnitude of the right answer. (And I should periodically acknowledge that my friend Paul English invented the Order of Magnitude Quiz.)

The answer is in the first comment.

5 Responses to “Order of Magnitude Quiz: How many travelers”

  1. 26 million, according to the Globe.

  2. 26 million, but I cheated. The answer is easily found on Wikipedia.

  3. I count for at least ten or fifteen of those. You too, I bet.

  4. I guessed 1000 flights, 100 people per flight, for 36M. I wonder which of the estimates is too high? Actually, if I just estimate 260 days per year…

  5. I guessed an average of 30 flights/hour across 20 hours/day, with 100 people/flight, for 365 days = 21.9 million.

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