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ethanz blogs, well, me

I’ve been honored with one of Ethan Zuckerman’s incredible liveblog postings. I gave a 45 min talk at the Berkman Center yesterday. I spoke quickly, waved my hands a lot, and spewed. [Rough draft here.] Even so, Ethan was able to commit an amazing act of streaming journalism, with very few places where I would even quibble with his summary and analysis.

He posted it immediately after I spoke, which I can attest to because if you read it you would never think that it was an unedited draft. It’s too thoughtful and well-written for that. This is Ethan writing on the fly, not merely typing or transcribing. Amazing.

independent of all that, I am very fortunate to be able to call Ethan a close friend.

[Later that day: Here’s the video of the webcast.]

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  1. Have got the higher res video. Took some time for download but here it is.

    Thanks go to Berkman for prompt publishing 1

    I just watch it and will comment tonight.

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  3. [trackback] Here are a few thoughts in response to a recent post by Ethan Zuckerman, hat tip to Rebecca MacKinnon, on a recent talk by David Weinberger. I am responding by baldly stating my experience, conclusions and beliefs about image, word and reality.

  4. David, I watched the video of the talk much later. I love it. I posted a comment on Ethan’s post about my impressions.

    Now let me tell you that I liked everything you said, and my admiration goes to remarks in conclusion:

    “I’m not thinking about a link in terms of HTML underneath it.(…) I’m thinking about the link as about a bit of language.

    And much of what I said about links is just a languages is true about language itself, it is because links are usually linguistic and almost always semantic even if not always linguistic.
    That they have the properties that I pointed to.
    And in some ways the fundamental debate between the ages, I think, is actually the one between the
    information and language.”

    (if my rendering was not exact – forgive me please)

    I think you touched the thing I also find as the essence of the discussion about the nature of information. Thanks to links, linked data, semantic web and all these elements of new web – we go closer to the essence of language as well – or if phrase it differently – web gets closer to linguistic and semantic matters, that transcend the traditional concept of information.

    many thanks for excellent talk

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