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Jay Rosen’s 10 Press Commandments/Tweets

Derek Barry blogs Jay Rosen‘s keynote at the Media140 in Sydney. Jay gave his ten commandments (in the form of tweets) for press in the age of the Internet.

(Jay apparently noted my post on transparency and objectivity, which Derek looked at and thought was “ironically anonymous.” I never considered that this blog looks anonymous, since I flog my books, have a disclosure button at the top, and list my twitter handle, but I can see how it would seem that way. I think I’m too shy/neurotic to fix it, though.)

4 Responses to “Jay Rosen’s 10 Press Commandments/Tweets”

  1. Anonymous??? My goodness.

  2. My apologies David – I didn’t look hard enough for signs of your identity!

  3. Derek, no apology required! It just hadn’t been clear to me that the signs of my identity are in fact non-obvious.

  4. Just, hadn is clear in the sign that I am my identity that non- obvious in fact.

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