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How to connect your Droid to a Mac

It took only a little googling, but it isn’t dead obvious — until you know how to do it — so here’s how you connect your Droid to your Mac.

Connect the two via USB.

Pull down the Notifications sheet on the Droid. You do that by pulling with your finger on the very topmost menu bar in the system. You should see a USB symbol in that bar.

Click on the obvious entry in the notifications, which says something like “Mount USB” or some such.

Check the Finder on your Mac. It should show a “NO NAME” mounted under devices. Welcome to your Droid.

(And then be prepared to trash your SD card by accident.)

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  1. Click on the obvious entry in the notifications, which says something like “Turn on USB” or some such.

    Check the Finder on your Mac. It should show a “NO NAME” mounted under devices. Welcome to your Droid.

  2. Excellent simple tip.. Thank You

  3. […] Joho the Blog » How to con­nect your Droid to a Mac […]

  4. really needed that clue. THANX!

  5. Fairly good simple tip.Thank you !

  6. (And then be prepared to trash your SD card by accident.)

    What did you mean by that?

  7. thanks, not sure why I couldn’t figure that one out.

  8. Thank You!!!

  9. this tip sucks, and it’s obvious if you have ever used electronics. if the notification came up why would I be searching for this? wow thanks for your great tips

  10. Oh, Concerned Angry One, if it’s so clear to everyone who’s ever turned on a radio how to mount a Droid via USB, why were you searching for how to do it?

    The notification doesn’t “come up.” As my post explains, you have to know to drag it down with your finger. Do you even own a Droid, or am I merely the object of some free-floating anger of yours?

  11. Dude, how simple and concise. Im sure this was in the directions that I missed somewhere, but to google, and catch your link was just as easy. Thanks for taking the time to post. Dude’s trippin… why trip on such an easy task to help others. Whatever, let him spin out on his own trip, LOL! I mean, concerned citizen… who the [email protected] writes that????

  12. Hey, this tip is straight and accurate. Any hints on syncing the droid with iCal?
    Thanks, and keep on tipping!

  13. This was very helpful… thanks!!!!!!!!

  14. New to the droid as of 1 day ago (switched from iPhone) — glad to have tips like this. Thanks.

  15. how do you connect the phone to the computer via USB? Is it a cable that you have to buy?

  16. Yes, you need a USB cable. Look for a microUSB plug on one end, and a standard plug on the other. You can get these for a few dollars lots of places. E.g.,

  17. Thanks for the tip. Quite obvious once you know how to do it.

  18. my droid doesn’t have a USB notification show up. Is there an app that I need?

  19. Make sure you’re looking at the very top stripe on your screen. Make sure you’re pulling that down by putting your finger on it and sliding down.

    If you still don’t see a USB notification, then it might be that your USB cable is broken.

  20. is there a way to transfer contacts using this method? the directions were simple and easy. was able to connect in no time.

  21. Thank you so much!! I was worried I was going to spend hours and hours figuring this out.

  22. I have the Droid X. When I plug in the phone to the Mac via USB (tried two different cables), I get nothing. Neither the phone nor the Mac recognizes a connection. The battery doesn’t show charging either. I have all this great HD video that I can’t upload to my mac! Any helpers out there?

  23. @ Chris – Had the same issue…Turns out the droid needed replaced!!

  24. I just used the battery connector (minus the plug into the wall) as the USB cable to connect my Droid to my MacBook. Worked like a charm.

  25. I am using the battery connector, but mac is not detecting the droid? any ideas?

  26. I’d try a second connector, a second usb slot, and a second computer. If none of those work — assuming you’re following the instructions — then you should take your Droid into a verizon store and ask them to check it.

  27. when i connect to mac, says “disk you inserted was not readable by this computer?”

  28. I had the same problem Jenny had. I have the Droid 2

  29. Nt all USB cables are the same. The one that came in the Android box works fine. The one that came with my Rayovac equivalent AC charger does not. HTC utilizes a proprietary standard (HTC extUSB) which is backward compatible with standard USB cables for supplying power, but not data. Incidentally, it also allows for audio input and audio/video output.

  30. Great tip! Took me a little bit to see the Droid because I had to eject the backup drive first, but it worked like a charm.

  31. This is helpful, but what does this mean?

    “(And then be prepared to trash your SD card by accident.)”

    This to me seems really important, but it’s not explained any further.

  32. you can always tell the quality of USB cables by looking at the thickness of the cable. thicker usb cables have higher quality ‘:,

  33. I mounted my driod and put music on it via DoubleTwist a few days ago for the first time.

    I just plugged my droid in to change music and it’s not working.

    my cable/ports do work as I am using it right now as modem to access the net.

    When it is plugged in doubletwist shows that it is connected.

    But, when I drag down the drop down menu the option “USB connected” that I should see to mount is no longer showing up.

    Is there somewhere else I can access this feature to turn on sharing?


  34. So I’ve also got a similar problem with my galaxy s Vibrant. I connect the usb between my pc and phone and it charges it but the usb symbol isnt showing up for me to mount. What’s up with that?

  35. I have the droid samsung galaxy and i connected it to my computer and pulled down the notifications menu and all it said was USB connected and when i click on it nothing happens… my computer doesnt recognize it either. i dont really know what to do..

  36. On my droid, it has choices for USB connection: PC Mode, Windows Media Sync, and USB Mass Storage. Which do I choose?

  37. Try USB mass storage first. Then PC Mode.

  38. I can see my Droid 2 under windows running Boot camp, but not under Mac. No USB setting on Droid either.

  39. Just switched from iPhone to Verizon DROID incredible 2, but my iMac does not recognize when I hook the DROID via USB to the computer. Followed your instruction above; i.e. Notifications to get to the USB symbol. No USB symbol there. Then went to Settings where I found the USB symbol at “Connect to PC” there under “select default type” options were: “Charge only”, “HTC Sync”, “Disk Drive”, “Mobile Broadband Connect”, “Media sync”, and “Internet pass-through”. Any help greatly appreciated!!!

  40. this was very helpful thanks soo much!

  41. I had this issue and removed my USB hub and plugged my android directly into my apple. It worked without issue.

  42. I can’t upload my videos I took on my droid phone to my iMac. Any suggestions? I receive the following message when I click on the “no name” device under Import Movies.

    The operation can’t be completed because the original item for “MEMORY_CARD” can’t be found.

    Thank you,

  43. Thank you for this great website. I am trying to read some more articles but I cant get your website to display properly in my Mozilla Browser. Thank you again!

  44. I followed your above instructions (I went up to the notifications bar) but it does not say mount USB or anything like that so i clicked connect to PC and it says “choose a connection type”: charge only, HTC sync, mobile broadband connect, media sync, and internet pass-through. When I select one and hit done on my mac it says “the disk you inserted was not readable by this computer”. Does anyone know what to do?

  45. when i connect the two via usb and pull down the notifications bar there still isnt any usb symbol but it recognizes that the phone is charging? is there something wrong with my phone?

  46. Hi. wondering if u have advice when there is nothing that shows up in the notifications section. There is nothing wrong with my USB. It charges the phone perfectly. I am using 1.5
    Do I need to update firmware?

  47. for those of us who have never used Android before and are not computer geeks. Here’s something I just learned the hard way.

    You need to click on
    settings — SD card and phone storage — “Mass storage only”

    make sure this checked or you get NADA.

  48. I don’t know if this is the correct place to ask but do you have any tips on how to optimize a mobile site on a sub-domain.

  49. Montrealer, thanks for the tip.

    Orangeries, nope, I have no idea. Sorry!

  50. /i am new to Mac, tried connecting my android to it, mounted the usb, but no name does not show up on desktop. Any advice?

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