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Rest In Laughter, David Lloyd

David Lloyd, who not only wrote some of the greatest single episodes in TV sitcom history [Chuckles the Clown youtube], but consistently wrote hilariously, has died at 75. I especially loved a lot of his work on Frasier. With the death of Larry Gelbart (best known for M*A*S*H, but also a writer for the original Sid Caesar show, and of the movie Tootsie), a generation is passing.

It’ll be time soon for someone to do a retrospective on The Funniest Generation that assesses the effect of its sitcoms on our culture. And you can remind us all you want of how awful most sitcoms were and are, but there has almost always been at least one really funny sitcom running throughout American TV’s history. Usually on a Thursday night on NBC, by the way.

4 Responses to “Rest In Laughter, David Lloyd”

  1. Just watched that. LOL!

  2. I like the sitcom and culture idea. watched Chuckles the Clown the other night; amazed at how little time left for commercials (vs standard today)

    another tribute:

  3. I’m still obsessing about this guy’s talent. Someone blogged a really compelling thread that runs through all his work: the unseen character who looms large. Lars, Carlton the Doorman, Maris

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