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Cory Doctorow in support of copyright

In this edition of Radio Berkman, Cory Doctorow argues in favor of copyright … the part of copyright that protects the rights of readers to own (and not just license) books.

It being Cory, the discussion covers topics such as the way in which books are like dogs and his sentimental attachment to his digital collection.

3 Responses to “Cory Doctorow in support of copyright”

  1. Cory is a passionate defender of copyright! I’ve always thought that DRM was a distortion of copyright, and rules that prevented people from exercising legally valid options were also anti-copyright.

  2. If somebody writes a book, there’s a certain logic behind attaching “rights” to it.

    Where is there a right to own a book that the author (publisher) only wants to license? You have a right to make them sell outright?

    What’s that based on?

  3. bak hacito sana neler anlatacagim ama once onayla?

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