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McLuhan tape rescue

I have not had a chance to listen to this — it’s Thanksgiving here in the US — but StarLarvae has found, digitized, and posted a talk by Marshall McLuhan at Johns Hopkins from the 1970s. Could be fascinating…

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  1. If perchance you’ve never seen the NFB (National Film Board) documentary titled “McLuhan’s Wake”, it’s well worth a watch.

    Narrated by Laurie Anderson, interviews with Neil Postman and Lewis Lapham, and others.

  2. thank you

  3. The McLuhan’s Wake film includes as “special features” some audio files of McLuhan’s public speaking. These are more valuable, in my view, than the main feature.

    See also, McLuhan as Economist at

    Blessed be,

  4. Joho the Blog » McLuhan tape rescue…

    Joho the Blog » McLuhan tape rescue…

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