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350 years of science

The Royal Society has posted pdfs of 60 of the most important papers it’s published in its 350 years. Want to read Antonie van Leeuwenhoek’s paper on wee beasties? Newton on light and optics? Natural selection of the peppered moth? We gotcha historic scientific papers right here!

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  2. David,
    Thanks for the reference. I must admit, I was touched when I opened the digitized copy of Newton paper, or that famous posthumous publication about the theory of chance by Bayes, or Maxwell Theory of Electromagnetic Field…

    For me, as for Physicist for my Masters and for Chemist with PhD – that was batter than any tearjerker …

    I hope more such projects will arrive soon ….

  3. I work at the science museum of Jerusalem and I am sure that people here will drool over some of the papers in this site.

  4. Share them on, reditt, mixx..Your posts are extremely innovative

  5. Joho the Blog » 350 years of science…

    Joho the Blog » 350 years of science…

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