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Verizon’s Director of Internet Policy: Stay the course

Paul Brigner, Executive Director of Internet and Technology Policy at Verizon, says what he would tell the Broadband Strategy Initiative: Build on our this country’s current success providing access to the Internet. Do no harm (= beware of Net Neutrality). And question the research that shows that America has fallen behind other countries in the ubiquity, price, and speed of broadband.

More at Broadband Strategy Week.

2 Responses to “Verizon’s Director of Internet Policy: Stay the course”

  1. I’m a bit shocked at the rampant disregard for why the Internet became the success it is, and I find Brigners attitude amazingly ignorant about what’s going on outside his box. I’m stunned, but then, not my problem. :)

  2. Brigners is presenting the worldview he is PAID to present. I’d be stunned if he went against the grain and said something radical. That would be unexpected.

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