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Brett Glass on what WISPs need

Brett Glass runs a Wireless ISP (WISP) in Laramie, Wyoming that spreads across some wide open spaces. To compete, he argues, he needs the government to regulate the right aspects and to keep its hands off everything else. (He believes Net Neutrality is unnecessary and will hurt the ability of small ISPs to compete.)

I interviewed him when he came to Berkman to give a talk. (My liveblogging of his talk is here.)

There are more such interviews at Broadband Strategy Week.

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  2. @11:52:
    “Fiber is really nothing but wireless inside an expensive tube. The physics is all the same. You just have the advantage that you’re able to enclose it in a tube so you don’t get interference from other people.”

    I was so excited that I stopped and deleted the podcast at this point.

    Now I can’t decide which to do first: raise the alarm with optical networking researchers, hardware manufacturers, and terrestrial operators, order my own 40gbps wireless access point, or call Ted Stevens to tell him that he was right after all…

    I certainly hope that somebody put some tough questions to Mr. Glass at the end of this talk…


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