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Laughtracks are funnier when they’re not there

HuffingtonPost has a scene from Big Bang Theory with the laughtrack removed:

The stated point is that a show with the laughtrack removed is funnier, but in a different and unintended way. But, the experiment is more provocative than that. (Big Bang is filmed in front of a live audience.)

BTW, Big Bang is on our TiVo list. I sort of like it because it’s good within its genre, as opposed to, say, Two and a Half Men, which is bad within its genre, but also as opposed to, say, Frasier, which was superb within its genre, and as also opposed to, say, Seinfeld which was hilarious as a self-conscious awkward inhabitant of its genre. (Please note that these are what I find funny, not what I think you ought to find funny. Except for Two and a Half Men. Gotta draw a line somewhere :)

4 Responses to “Laughtracks are funnier when they’re not there”

  1. […] Laughtracks are funnier when they’re not there […]

  2. […] Laughtracks are funnier when they’re not there […]

  3. Two and a half men is very funny, in an easy and uncomplicated way.
    Big Bang Theory is genius and way better than Frasier, within a genre or not…
    Seinfiled is way overrated

  4. Wow, I agree with Matteo on every point.

    Come the revolution, those *not* finding BigBangTheory funny will face a big bang…


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