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How to eat a carrot

Our son Nathan demonstrates the proper way to eat a carrot:

10 Responses to “How to eat a carrot”

  1. Great coordination! He looks so much like you David. I don’t think I have seen you in person since graduation in 1972 so it was almost like I was watching you perform as if 1972 was today.

  2. Pretty talented guy!-even if I am his uncle. Is the next event doing this while tap dancing and singing?

  3. Dumb, really, really dumb.

  4. I think the most delicate way of putting this is, “It must have been a long time ago that I met Nathan.”

    That aside: admirably dextrous!

  5. Raymond, your memory of me is generous

  6. Nathan was great with the carrot :-)

    David, Is the hair length typical for young philosophers ? I look at your picture, and my son (22) doing his philosophy course at Warsaw Univ. and … the lenght is the same.

    BTW, did you play guitar then ?

  7. Wow! Weinberger looks really stoned in that photo. Did they smoke pot at Bucknell?

  8. my wife heard me laughing at the awesomeness of the photo, she thinks you’re cute

    …nice carrot

  9. Clearly your best work to date !

  10. […] (Via his old man.) […]

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