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One world government (data portal)

The Guardian has gone meta-meta and produced a single portal for exploring the data the world’s governments are dumping into the public sphere. (Thans, Doc!)

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  1. Hmm, interesting… if only we had some realistic list of real countries that decided to open their vaults…

    Recently, I tried to help my daughter to collect some data about real estate crisis in Eastern Europe for her IB economy class. When we tried so called “government” data sets (statistical yearbook) – we were shocked by primitivity there.
    So – we will wait some time until we could have some real meta-meta ….

  2. […] Shared One world government (data portal). […]

  3. […] guardian data blog – while the moto of the datablog (“facts are sacred”) creeps me out slightly, the site itself is pretty darn neat. a searchable portal to all sorts of public information, from the US, the UK, New Zealand and more.  (hat tip to  joho the blog) […]

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