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[2b2k] Continuing the total re-org

I’m in a mixed up state. I’ve continued to re-organize the two chapters I’d written. They are now 2.5 chapters. And I’ve done a little new writing in that third chapter, since I’ve decided that if I’m going to talk about the history of facts (a big subsection that I think is on an interesting topic, but probably doesn’t fit into the book), I should also talk about the differences between facts and information.

So, I’ve cut and pasted, added new material, worked on transitions, and created an outline of the whole mess, but I’m too close to it and can’t tell if it works at all. I have to find a full day when I can sit down and read it all through. Until then, I feel like I’m cooking in the dark.

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  1. “…cooking in the dark” – the only way we operate.

    Whatever we think of as “light” can’t be but ideology.

    From the “Deep Thoughts” Dept… :)

  2. Pretty miscellaneous, is it?

    Here’s hoping some order and hierarchy suggest themselves soon.


  3. David, are you going to address the 2b2k issue that individual software engineers face when they build very large systems? They can understand the whole at a high level, but to understand each component at a low level requires a process of refamiliarisation. After a certain point it can be tricky even to maintain a holistic overview.

    I suggest that it is surprising or amusing that an individual can construct a system that is too big for them to know.

    This resonates with Architectural mnemonic. One can construct an intellectual architecture in software that is so vast, that in order to do any maintenance in any one part of it, one must first travel the mnemonic (which takes time). The source is the mnemonic. The mind can only contain a fractional impression.

    And this is why programming languages evolve. To make larger architectures mnemonically compact and easier to navigate. Even so, one still ends up with architectures too large to know.

  4. Crosbie, I hadn’t thought of considering that issue, but it’s a fascinating one. Not sure how it fits in with what I’m thinking about, but I’ll take a look at it and learn more. Thanks!

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