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Yochai Benkler on broadband strategy

Yochai Benkler headed the Berkman project that, at the request of the FCC’s Broadband Strategy folks, looked at all available data to try to figure out where the U.S. compares internationally when it comes to broadband penetration, price, and speed. Overall, the report [pdf] found that we’re in the middle of the pack. The relevant factor seems to be: Countries with competitive markets for broadband do better.

I interviewed him last week and have just posted it. (There are more interviews at Broadband Strategy Week.)

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  2. Markets work, huh who would thought that?

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  6. Joho the Blog » Yochai Benkler on broadband strategy…

    Joho the Blog » Yochai Benkler on broadband strategy…

  7. Genialer Artikel, dies wollte ich auch schon immer mal schreiben, wusste nur niemals wie man das zu Papier bringen konnte ;-) .

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