Joho the Blog » Brief suggests “piracy” verdict be dropped from $675,000 to $21

Brief suggests “piracy” verdict be dropped from $675,000 to $21

Ok, so the headline is misleading. But you might enjoy reading Charlie Nesson’s (et al.) brief [pdf] asking for a vast reduction in the $675,000 penalty Joel Tenenbaum is supposed to pay to the RIAA for downloading and sharing 30 songs. Here’s a taste:

Contrary to Plaintiffs’ assertion that Joel Tenenbaum caused them “billions of dollars” of damages in lost revenue, Pl. Opp. at 28, with respect to the thirty songs which are the subject of this action, Tenenbaum actually caused damages to the plaintiffs of, at most, $21.00. Had he purchased the thirty songs on iTunes he would have paid 99 cents apiece, of which Apple would have passed on 70 cents to the record companies.1 Assuming, contrary to fact, that the record companies have zero costs so that every cent returned to them is profit, the total return would have been $21.00.

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  1. Interesting… they place the blame on the seeders rather than the sharers, but obviously the RIAA targets sharers because they are the ones that would be buying the music.

    At first I thought they were going to argue that he had only caused $21 in lost revenue, as has every other individual filesharer. I.e., that everyone has caused their own share of lost revenue proportional to the files they downloaded (instead of buying them).

    That possibility made me imagine an alternative economy where it’s the RIAA’s responsibility to sue you for small amounts corresponding to how many songs of theirs you’ve downloaded. For example, turning this from one $675k case to 32,143 $21 cases.

    It’s like a dystopian Web 3.0 payment system: micro-lawsuits.

  2. Joho the Blog » Brief suggests “piracy” verdict be dropped from $675…

    Joho the Blog » Brief suggests “piracy” verdict be dropped from $675,000 to $21…

  3. 000 to $21…

    Joho the Blog » Brief suggests “piracy” verdict be dropped from $675,000 to $21…

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