Joho the Blog » [2b2k] Eggs good for you this week

[2b2k] Eggs good for you this week

The title of this post is one of my favorite headlines from The Onion.

So, yesterday we’re told that maybe taking a baby aspirin every day is more harmful than helpful, except for those with certain heart disease heart factors. (My doctor has me on ‘em. I’m going to keep take them.)

Today, an article in the Boston Globe reports on a study that says saturate fats don’t clog arteries the way we’ve been told for generations. (In the 1930s, when my grandfather had a heart attack, my grandmother was told to make sure he eats lots and lots of butter, to keep anything from sticking to his arteries.)

So, what will they take back tomorrow? Germ theory? Gravity? Heliocentrism? Bring back phlogiston!

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  1. Just don’t bring back subsistent meaning yet — my alternative hasn’t had its day.

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  3. Seems like an excelent departure point for analysis of the darker side of communal knowledge – the long lasting misconceptions, mostly about diet, health, hygiene.

    To me, the elegant explanation of all these falsifications and their importance comes from the concept of Simulacrum, of which Baudrillard said: “a simulacrum is not a copy of the real, but becomes truth in its own right”

    As such, the concept goes beyond aspirin & diet.

    Now, with :-) – I hope the Aspirin benfits are real … I take a pill a day and feel good !!!

  4. When we took my daughter home from the hospital after her birth in 1991, we were sternly warned to never, ever put her on her back to sleep. Putting her on her side was okay, but her stomach was far and away the best position for her to sleep in. On her back, she would spit up and die.

    In 1994 when we took our son home, we were warned to never, ever, put him on his stomach to sleep. On his side was okay, but sleeping on his back was far and away the best position for him to sleep in. On his stomach, he’d die from SIDS.

    I have no idea what they’re telling parents these days – probably suspend them in mid air.

  5. Joho the Blog » [2b2k] Eggs good for you this week…

    Joho the Blog » [2b2k] Eggs good for you this week…

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