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Hummingbird cam

Here’s a live webcam of a hummingbird sitting on a nest with eggs in it. (It could only be improved on if they head-mounted a camera on the bird itself.)

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  1. Unlike most birds, a hummingbird has to pretty much nail it on her first flight.

  2. Wow! Great find. It was amazing to see the bird return to the nest just now and stare at the camera. The site says the eggs are the size of Tic-Tacs.

  3. Wonderful sight to start my day — thanks so much!

  4. Lo & behold, the link you included now sends me to a different site — any idea why & how?

  5. Me too, and when I used the bookmark of the site, the same wrong site appeared. Hijacking of some sort?

  6. Obviously hijacking — somehow my husband found the following link, which has worked correctly for at least three iterations:

    Good luck. I had to send a correction e-mail to my local Audubon contact and a half dozen or so of my family and friends. Hijacking spammers are EVIL!

  7. Big hummingbird drama: Lizard came to attack nest & Phoebe took egg with hole in it and — somehow — threw it out of the nest. Was very agitated for several minutes and then the cam went down — “Off air” at bottom of screen, back on in a few minutes but probably got hit by so many views at once that most cannot get live feed, just a black screen trying to load.

    Actually, I was too late for the first act of above but saw from second sentence on, with oodles of comments by viewers who had seen it all.

  8. I was looking at the screen when the comments about the egg removal appeared. I did not see that happen, but had seen the lizard a few moments before near the nest and heard a lot of wing noise (“humming” if you will pardon the expression). I don’t know why I didn’t see the egg removal, as my screen only went dark later.

  9. I looked at the video of the egg removal (under “Godzilla Attacks”). The bird removed the egg in about one second-I must have blinked when it happened.

    An extraordinary website.

  10. Yes, now I’m addicted to hummer watching — an improvement over playing freecell, probably.

    There is a facebook link to Phoebe’s website as well. She’s back on the nest this morning, with comments opining that the other egg may not be good.

  11. when i visit the link, it redirect to another website

  12. I wish I had found you sooner. The video is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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