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[2b2k] Big problems

I’m liking a line from Brian Behlendorf that came through my Twitter stream: “The only way I know to solve big problems anymore is to do it in public.” (@brianbehlendorf)

The human brain being an ornery thing, our first response is probably to find exceptions. And there are undoubtedly lots of them…although it can be a little hard to tell because when you think of some big problem you’d want solved behind closed doors — The recent US/Russia nuclear arms reduction? A path to peace in the Middle East? — you can’t tell if maybe it were done in public, we would have come up with something better or faster. Still, there have to be places where this aphorism is wrong.

So what? The amazing thing is that it even looks plausible, much less that it’s proven itself to be true in some important instances. That is a big BIG change.

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  1. That’s right – there are so many decisions that probably should be done better behind closed doors.

    Recently, the largest liberal party in my country for the first time organized the primaries to choose its candidate for country president.

    And – the result is that the better candidate, Mr. Sikorski ( ) husband of Anne Applebaum ( ) and truly cosmopolitan man – has lost…

    One could say – choosing in public is better – but not always. When a nation or organization is still in transition – when its democracy is still very young -sometimes it is better to advance things by doing it authoritatively – even taking some risk (i.e. they could risk the true election itself – which must be fully democratic and public) …

    But, globally and in this case – like it or not – it is BIG change….

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