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Google’s videoadprmeme

Google’s video showing how quickly Chrome paints the screen is a good example of the lines blurring between advertisements, memes, and PR. It’s informative (including a making-of video), convincing, and totally geeky in the MythBusters blowing-sh_t-up way. And beneath its shambling nerdiness, there’s some damn fine direction and production values.

It’s an ad I watched voluntarily, which makes it hardly like an ad at all.


[A few minutes later] If I’m going to tout that Google vid, then I definitely need to push this amazing, non-commercial piece of footage about nature, numbers, and geometry.

3 Responses to “Google’s videoadprmeme”

  1. Wow – if only math teachers long ago had offered this insight, I might have taken a different path….

  2. Oh – and, yeah, the Google Chrome video was fun, too.

  3. Joho the Blog » Google’s videoadprmeme…

    Joho the Blog » Google’s videoadprmeme…

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