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Semantic Web: The Film

Kate Ray has created a short, clear video about the promise of the Semantic Web. It consists mainly of snippets of interviews with various folks (including briefly and vapidly me). It’s got snazzy graphics and a balance of views. Nicely done.

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  2. Great movie !

    It really explains, in non-technical terms, what it is all about with SW…

    However, we would need something like this to answer the question: why it is so slow in adoption?

    BTW — it is indeed nicely done — I love that music in the audio track !!!

  3. Thanks for the link David. Especially timely given the seeming avalanche of “de-ontological” protocol solutions that are currently being recommended by various folks as successors to the light and enabling but largely binding (or per its critics, the heavy, restrictive, and stultifying) ontology embodied in TCP/IP. It never ceases to amaze me how many/most of the seemingly perennial/intractable arguments that haunt radically diverse disciplines actually boil down to a much small number of universally and timelessly intractable debates :-\

    One small critique: I think that the film would have been even better/more illuminating if one of the interviewees had managed to break out of the tired old essentialist-said-constructivist-said cycle of justification and recrimination and championed a Pragmatist criterion ala James: “the true (ontology) is only the expedient/adaptive in our way of (organizing and exchanging information).” Adding a Pragmatist to the mix wouldn’t (couldn’t) put the argument to rest, but at least it might have led to a more fruitful, constructive discussion of the “cash value” of alternative approaches to understanding and organizing the infosphere…


  4. Loved this, although I can’t support a trendline that begins with klezmer and ends with modem hiss.

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