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Who were you friending in 1973

It’s the 50th anniversary of what became, arguably, the first digital social networking tool, PLATO. In its honor, the PlatoHistory site has posted a list of what some of the current Big Names in computers were doing when PLATO Notes, its message board, went live. There’s also a free conference, with Donald Bitzer and Ray Ozzie keynoting; Bitzer created PLATO and Ozzie founded Lotus Notes which was originally modeled on Plato notes.

(For the record: in 1973, I was spending a year between college and grad school, being a handyman, writing badly, and pining. And you?)

4 Responses to “Who were you friending in 1973”

  1. I was not yet born.

  2. Working at UCSF, writing badly, listening to some great live music, falling in and out of love, and doing all the other usual stuff that one did in San Francisco in those days. Got a haircut that year, my first since 1967. (When I read the PLATO list I was surprised to see that only Larry Ellison is as old as me, which–of course– is all we have in common.)

  3. I want to know more about the pining.

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    Joho the Blog » Who were you friending in 1973…

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