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Democratized curation

JP Rangaswami has an excellent post about the democratizing of curation.

He begins by quoting Eric Schmidt (found at 19:48 in this video):

“…. the statistic that we have been using is between the dawn of civilisation and 2003, five exabytes of information were created. In the last two days, five exabytes of information have been created, and that rate is accelerating. And virtually all of that is what we call user-generated what-have-you. So this is a very, very big new phenomenon.”

He concludes — and I certainly agree — that we need digital curation. He says that digital curation consists of “Authenticity, Veracity, Access, Relevance, Consume-ability, and Produce-ability.” “Consume-ability” means, roughly, that you can play it on any device you want, and “produce-ability” means something like how easy it is to hack it (in the good O’Reilly sense).

JP seems to be thinking primarily of knowledge objects, since authenticity and veracity are high on his list of needs, and for that I think it’s a good list. But suppose we were to think about this not in terms of curation — which implies (against JP’s meaning, I think) a binary acceptance-rejection that builds a persistent collection — and instead view it as digital recommendations? In that case, for non-knowledge-objects, other terms will come to the fore, including amusement value, re-playability, and wiseacre-itude. In fact, people recommend things for every reason we humans may like something, not to mention the way we’s socially defined in part by what we recommend. (You are what you recommend.)

Anyway, JP is always a thought-provoking writer…

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  1. If curation is recommendation, I’m for it, but in the original formulation (at
    I find the most important factor of curation ill-defined:

    „Veracity: Confirming the “truth” of the item, in the sense of the “facts” represented. That the news item has been verified. (…)”

    We went through many of such attempts — and almost all of them failed, and it is not only for rigid binary acceptance-rejection paradigm, but for the very essence of our practical inability to asses the truthfullness of most important truths, facts etc….

    Now, in this context let me ask the provocative question – is Wikipedia curated ?

  2. 通过搜索才找到这里的!第一次来来这里 不错!

  3. […] JOHO the blog: From ~5000 BCE to 2003 CE: 5 exabytes of information were created. In the last 2 days: about 5 exabytes of information were created [exabyte = 1 billion gigabytes] […]

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