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Joho’s style is broken [solved and fixed]

Alert reader George Janczyn points out the truth I’ve been avoiding: Joho the Blog isn’t sizing correctly. It seems to be of fixed width, with the right-hand column shoved out of the frame. Resizing your window doesn’t resize Joho. That’s true in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

It didn’t used to be so. And I haven’t changed anything in my Word Press template. I also can’t find any particular elements of content that are sized too large. I’m stumped.

The body of Joho consists of a table with three columns. The overall table is sized at 95%. The left and right columns are at a fixed 150px because if I made them a percentage, they’d wrap funny. This has not been a problem until a couple of weeks ago. (Yes, I tried laying it out “properly” using floating divs and CSS. After losing a couple of days at it, I figured I was struggling to do with divs exactly what tables were designed to do easily.)

I have tried setting the columns to percentage widths. I have tried setting the middle column to a fixed size. Nothing seems to affect the bad layout. I have inspected the elements on the page using Chrome’s inspector, and have found that the computed width of the table is 1432px, while the style widths I’ve set are not that wide. I’ve also looked at the two inserted graphic elements that happen to be in the blog posts currently displayed, and neither is sized very wide. The problem persists using all of the styles offered at the top of the page next to the “Hard to read?” text.

So, I’m stumped. Any suggestions?

LATER that day: See the comments for the solution. Thanks!

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12 Responses to “Joho’s style is broken [solved and fixed]”

  1. This is the post that is causing the problem:

    See the formatting of the tags right after the post… not wrapping… or something.

  2. David,

    I did not know what it was, but from some time I also had some problems reading your bolg on my pivot-vertical monitor – the main text column did not fit to my screen, forcing me to use horizontal scroll bar while reading ….

    So – maybe Emil was right ?

  3. I had looked at the tags markup and didn’t see anything funny, but sure enough, Emil, when I removed it, the page formatted correctly. Thanks!

    I’ve replaced it with the default tags markup from WP. I’m not sure why a couple of weeks ago my previous tag markup stopped working for me.

    Thank you!!

  4. I took a look now at the source code…

    The spaces between your tags are all coded with non-breaking spaces ” ” – around the dots (which are coded with “•”).

    This does not allow for normal line breaking.

  5. Ha… I must be stupid… your WP (smarter than me, of course) interpreted my “coding”… :)

    Anyway, take a look at your code again – you’ll see what I mean.

  6. Emil, I sure hope you’re looking at the coding that’s gone! I replaced it with WP’s default tag template. In any case, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Thanks again!

  7. Thank YOU for blogging!

    Now, can we transition back to the discourse level which brings us all to this blog?

    How about a layout being “broken” by non-breaking spaces… hmmm… or the perils of tags NOT being loosely connected…

  8. Waaay too symbolic!

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    Joho the Blog » Joho’s style is broken [solved and fixed]…

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